SignalRx is a clinical stage company incorporated in Delaware in 2012 and based in San Diego, California.  The company is focused on developing effective anticancer treatments based on blocking the most important and critical cell signaling pathways that cancer cells use to proliferate, migrate, metastasize, and recruit a blood supply.  One of our most advanced programs is centered on the PI3 kinase pathway where our lead compounds go beyond the traditional kinase-inhibition mode of action by additionally inducing oxidative stress and inhibiting reflux-pump resistance mechanisms in cancer cells.

Our efforts are aimed at combining the maximum anticancer activity into our drugs by selectively inhibiting as many important cancer targets as possible in a well-tolerated non-toxic manner with a special focus on cancer stem cells (progenitors of the bulk differentiated cancer cells).

“There is no shortage of cancer treatments today either approved or in clinical development, the shortage is cancer treatments that significantly improve survival of cancer patients” said Dr. Don Durden, Scientific Advisor.

Evolving Cancer Biology Creates the Opportunity.  The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway continues to be a hot cancer target illustrated by recent acquisitions, licensing deals, and major pharma development activities. The founders of SignalRx were inventors of the second PI3K inhibitor to enter the clinic and were leaders capitalizing on the PI3K biology with the only integrin targeted pan-PI3K inhibitor.  More recent biology indicates that PI3K inhibitors will benefit when combined with other anticancer therapeutic agents that block other important cancer-relevant pathways/targets.

SignalRx is pursuing several programs targeting the combined inhibition of key pathways involved in cancer proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenesis as well as cancer stem cell biology.

The founding team is built of leading experts with experience in discovering and bringing cell signaling inhibitors to the clinic.  The company has close ties and interactions with the University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center and key faculty therein.