• Overview

    About the Company: 

    SignalRx is a clinical stage company incorporated in Delaware in 2012 and based in San Diego, California.  The founding team is built of leading experts with experience in discovering and bringing cell signaling inhibitors to the clinic.  The company has close ties and interactions with the University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center and key faculty therein.  The company is focused on developing effective anticancer treatments based on blocking multiple important and critical cell signaling pathways that cancer cells use to proliferate, migrate, metastasize, and recruit a blood supply.

    Our efforts are aimed at combining the maximum anticancer activity into our drugs by selectively inhibiting PI3K and at least one other rationally determined cancer target. Our approach circumvents the proven shortcomings of traditional single cancer targeting therapeutics that commonly leads to quick cancer resistance rendering treatments ineffective.

    “There is no shortage of cancer treatments today either approved or in clinical development, the shortage is cancer treatments that significantly improve survival of cancer patients” said Dr. Don Durden.

    Evolving Cancer Biology Creates the Opportunity

    The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway continues to be a relevant and promising cancer target as illustrated by recent major pharma development activities including acquisitions and licensing deals. The founders of SignalRx are experts in the PI3K field delivering the second PI3K inhibitor to enter clinical trials.  However the use of PI3K inhibitors in the clinic as single agents have been in large part disappointing for lack of objective responses.  More recent biology indicates that PI3K inhibition is more effective when combined with other anticancer therapeutic agents that block other certain important cancer-relevant pathways or targets.   SignalRx’s pipeline is composed of molecularly designed inhibitors that block these “other” targets while maintaining key PI3K inhibition properties.

    SignalRx Pipeline: 

    Several programs targeting the combined inhibition of key pathways involved in cancer proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenesis as well as cancer stem cell biology are summarized in the chart below.  The furthest along is the clinical asset SF1126, ready for phase II studies and available for partnering.  The most developed preclinical program is the lead compound SF2523 which is a dual PI3K inhibitor and a bromodomain inhibitor (BRD4).  SF2523 has demonstrated excellent animal efficacy at non-toxic doses demonstrating the viability of our effective dual inhibition approach in vivo and high promise in MYC-driven cancers such as hematological malignancies including CLL and multiple myeloma.

    SignalRX Pipeline