• Partners

    Partnerships are a key component of our corporate strategy to maximize the potential of our novel drugs inhibiting various sets of kinases.  We offer a portfolio of differentiated and best in class inhibitors along with significant drug discovery and development expertise. Companies interested in collaborating with us are invited to contact us to discuss our portfolio of programs.

    Because of our primary focus on developing PI3K inhibitors for treating pediatric cancers we also solicit foundation partnerships and other creative development arrangements with non-profit organizations who also are pushing for new technologies to treat pediatric cancers.

    RFA: SignalRx Pharmaceuticals: “Dual and triple inhibitory chemotypes for cancer therapy”

    SignalRx Pharmaceuticals hereby issues a request for applications related to academic centers within the US and Europe to characterize dual and triple inhibitory chemotypes discovered within SignalRx Pharmaceuticals pipeline for in silico drug discovery. The specific aims should describe in detail structural and biological characterization of these novel chemotypes. Grants will provide: $25,000 to $150,000.00. Importantly, SignalRx Pharmaceuticals will not support indirect costs for this funding program to the academic institution awarded. Send inquires and/or applications to Guillermo Morales, PhD MBA, Director of Science and Business Development, SignalRx Pharmaceuticals via the web site using the link below.

    Please submit partnering and RFA inquires here.