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    First generation PI3 kinase inhibiting agents have reached the clinic and have demonstrated that PI3K/mTOR inhibition is feasible providing clinical proof of concept.

    However, these products have fallen short of efficacy requirements and new generations of more effective and better tolerated agents are needed.  SignalRx is leveraging the latest learnings from cancer biology to design drugs with maximum efficacy and minimal toxicity towards cancer.  Our most advanced agent SF1126 is advancing into Phase II clinical trials as an i.v. administered agent inhibiting pan-PI3K (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta isoforms), mTOR kinase, DNA-PK, PIM1, and PLK1.  

    Based on evolving understanding of cancer biology it is clear multiple targets need to be deactivated in cancer cells simultaneously to prevent resistance and maximize activity.  For this reason we have developed CRIMP (Control Resulting from Inhibiting Multiple Pathways), a platform technology to design molecular agents tailored towards the inhibition of PI3K and other selected targets simulaneously. 

    We have demonstrated our CRIMP platform technology with SRX2626, our lead compound for the simultaneous inhibition of the critical MEK and PI3K pathways.  Further efforts are underway in a program to inhibit both HDAC and PI3K and other programs are evaluating novel PI3K-combinations.  

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