SignalRx’s Solution to Inhibiting Multiple Key Target Kinases. Biological discoveries are driving the future of oncology to the use of combination of drugs intended to thwart cancer’s incredible resistance and recurrence.  Such combinations are being evaluated empirically in the clinic at great cost and time and are prohibitively expensive for patients.

    One potential concern about multi-targeting in oncology is how to inhibit multiple targets but ONLY those select targets.  SignalRx overcomes the promiscuous issue with CRIMP (Control Resulting from Inhibiting Multiple Pathways),  a molecular design platform that allows for smart design to intentionally create drugs that simultaneously block multiple cancer escape routes.

    The CRIMP platform enables the incorporation of key target-focused activity-driven features of 2 biological targets into a single molecule tailored to interact with the 2 selected targets.

    SignalRx developed a PI3K inhibiting molecular scaffold that allows for the incorporation of additional molecular features tailored to interact with and inhibit other biological targets with a single drug agent.

    The use of CRIMP will provide highly needed, disruptive cost-effective drugs to the oncology market taking advantage of the latest evolution in cancer biology to obviate the need for certain combinations of drugs. Our lead MEK/PI3K dual inhibitor SRX2626 was designed with our CRIMP technology.

    CRIMP Technology